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Songwriting Production

During the September/October holidays, we are holding Song Writing Production Workshops aimed at writing and recording a song over 2 days!

There are 2 different age strands available. This will be done in groups using different technology stations. Each part will contribute to the final recording of the track which by the end of two days will result in a recorded finished song.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to write and craft songs with a focus on lyric, rap and song writing in pop and hiphop styles.

  • Use technology to create the music and beats for singers and rappers using keyboard and computer workstations.

  • Learn basics of keys, scales and chords for music writing

  • Collaborate as a group or work solo to contribute to the final production of the song.

  • Discover how to use live recording techniques including microphone placement and tracking.

  • Explore the use of midi instruments using a DAW including tracking, mixing, equalizing, panning and basic mixing and mastering techniques.