Vincent Music Terms and Conditions


These are the Vincent Music Terms and Conditions

1.     Terms are booked in 10 weekly lesson blocks. Please see our Term Dates.

2.     Payments are made quarterly via direct debit from your bank account. Fees are subject to GST + a credit card fee.

3.     Fees are debited two weeks in advance of the teaching term.

4.     You are automatically booked for the same time and day for the upcoming term. There is no need to rebook for the next term.

5.     There are no lessons offered on Public Holidays**. Please negotiate another lesson during the term at a mutually agreeable time determined between you and your teacher.

6.     When you book one of our teachers you are booking a fixed time reservation exclusively for you for the duration of the term. Single, fortnightly and casual lessons are not available except for the first trial no obligation lesson.

7.     You are debited as soon as you complete the registration from following the initial trial lesson.

8.    If beginning partway through the term, registration and payment needs to be completed at least 4 days before the lessons begin. You will be debited for the remainder of the term only not for the whole 10 weeks.

9.     Lessons are suspended if your account falls into arrears, and you will lose your reserved lesson time.

10.  General lesson duration recommendations are 60 mins for adults, 45 mins for high school students and 30 mins for prep and primary school students. Longer lessons are recommended for students who’ve been playing for more than 4 years, doing exams or need additional theory/aural training.

11. Group lessons in theory, musicianship and/or songwriting are recommended in conjunction with private lessons to supplement and enrich the scope of musical knowledge. Note there are no make up lessons offered for group classes.

12.   Lessons on school holidays are offered separately depending on the availability of your teacher. Note there are no make up lessons for missed holiday lessons.

13.  Music books are bought and paid for by the student or student’s parents/guardians. Your teacher will direct you to what you will need for this.

14.  Late payments incur a late fee of $20.00 per week and your allocated time may be given to another student.

Attendance Policy

15.  Once the term has commenced you are obligated until the end of the term.

16.  The lesson time you book cannot be changed for the duration of the term except for **Public Holidays.

** Public Holiday Lessons

17.  There are no lessons on public holidays. Please arrange an alternative time with your teacher during the term. See make up lesson.

18.  If for some reason a mutual time can’t be found you can receive a credit.

***Makeup Lesson Policy

19.  You can take only one makeup lesson per term any time during the term depending on the availability of your teacher. 24 hours notice must be given to qualify as a makeup otherwise the missed lesson is forfeited. No make up lessons are available for group classes.

20. You must use your make up lessons by the end of the 10th week of term. Unused makeup lessons cannot be rolled over and the lessons are forfeited.

Cancellation Policy

21.  You must give 28 days notice in advance for cancellation of remaining lessons booked for the current term. You will be refunded the remainder of the term dated from 28 days in writing.

22.  If your teacher misses a lesson you can do a make up lesson or receive a credit.


23.  Scheduling matters are organised with your teacher.


24.  Photographs and videos of students may be taken during lessons and recitals for marketing and training purposes. If you do not want these photographs or videos to be used please contact administration.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

25.  Vincent Music reserves the right to change any/all of these terms and conditions as necessary.

26.  All prices are subject to change.

27.  If you are booked for lessons with an Intern Teacher and they complete their training/qualification there will be a change in price to the standard teaching rate.

Expectations of the Student - Instruments and Practice Schedules

28. The student must have a piano or keyboard to practise on. If you need help organizing this ask your teacher or our office for information on piano/keyboard hire/purchase from various businesses around Brisbane.

29.  It is vital to have an instrument to practise on in the house. Ideally, it would be in a part of the house that's not too secluded but not too near other distractions and external noise. This also helps creates the idea of a piano being a "normal" part of everyday life.

30. Whilst taking lessons it is expected that there is a commitment from the student of daily practise of at least 20 mins. This will increase depending on the number of years the student has been playing.

31.  For younger preschool and beginner primary school learners, 10 mins a day can be enough during the first year. Consistent daily practice is the key here.

32.  For account enquiries please email For all other enquiries please contact your teacher.