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Vincent Music

Excellence in music education


Our Music School offers some of the best music teachers in Brisbane. You can experience our approach to musical excellence by booking in a trial. We go out of our way to accommodate your scheduling. 

A committed teacher and student relationship gets the best results. Adding a personal touch to you or your child’s musical education creates long lasting learning bond.

Your teacher will provide:

  • exclusive and professional education

  • one on one learning experience

  • individual curriculum

  • specifically tailored goals

  • unique teaching and learning strategies

  • comprehensive evaluation of the student's current skillset and abilities

  • individually directed practice schedule

  • productive and long lasting relationship


We teach:

  • piano lessons

  • singing lessons

  • violin lessons

  • viola lessons

  • saxophone lessons

  • guitar lessons

  • ukulele lessons

  • clarinet lessons

  • flute lessons

Group Classes

We provide group classes in:

  • theory

  • aural musicianship

  • song writing

  • early childhood

  • music business development

  • vocal group

  • production/recording

You can access these one or multiple times a week for half the price of usual lessons. This is a great way to use downtime waiting between lessons or for other siblings to further build their musical education.

For parents

As a parent, your child may be preparing for examinations, setting that strong foundation for their education and QTAC results. Our teachers are experienced in AMEB, Trinity College and ABRSM examinations.

We also offer early childhood group classes ranging from 5 years down to under 14 months. 

For adults

Our piano lessons are perfect for beginner adults who have always wanted to play. They also make the perfect birthday or anniversary gift to inspire and motivate your loved ones. 

There are a variety of reasons for taking piano lessons: for fun, pleasure or exams. Perhaps you would like to refresh your skills or help someone who is motivated to begin a new adventure.

You may be interested in classical, jazz, rock, improvisation, baroque or romantic music. We can find the right teacher for you.

Our teachers provide additional music training in:

  • aural

  • composition

  • sight - reading

  • general knowledge

  • music history

  • arranging

  • transcriptions

Piano Practice Rooms

We provide quality practise rooms with well maintained pianos in a pleasant environment in a central location. Price: $18/hr + GST.


Our free End of Term Concerts provide the opportunity for you or your child to perform as well as see other teachers and students.

Music Teaching Intern Training Program

If you'd like to become a piano, string or voice teacher with us we provide training, employment and professional development opportunities with our Intern Teacher Training Program which prides itself in practical career pathways and music teacher professional development.

Whatever your motivation and musical interests, we would love to help you achieve your goals.