Tania McIntosh

"Don't pursue a passion for the end goal, pursue it for the process."

Tania McIntosh has been doing piano performance for the last fourteen years, and over the course has developed many different musical skills. She specialises in improvisation, especially in the minimalistic and contemporary classic style. Furthermore, she has been developing experience in composition and music production. She has sound knowledge in programs such as GarageBand and Logic Pro. She has recently completed all her grades for ABRSM and finished her ABRSM grade 6-theory. At this moment, she is preparing to complete the ABRSM music-teaching diploma sometime in the future.

She has been learning how to efficiently teach different areas within music at Vincent Studios. These areas include performance, sight-reading, aural, scale work, and more. Over the last year and a half of teaching, she has efficient experience in preparing students for AMEB Piano for Leisure and ABRSM examinations.

Tania believes the love and drive for music is earned, not given. She encourages her students to passionately pursue music through hard-work and constant improvement. She does not concern herself on whether the students’ musical goals are achieved – the journey itself is of great importance to her. The arduous work while finding great joy in it is what she believes would be more satisfying to look back on than the simple achievement, as wonderful as it is. Finding joy in the process is what makes musicians last forever.

Instrument: Piano