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Momo Hamada

Momo, originally from Nara, Japan is a passionate performer and teacher based in Brisbane, Australia. Music has been part of Momo’s life from the beginning, having started music lessons when she was 3 years old. Momo is a graduate of Osaka College of Music where she studied classical piano performance under Michiya Otake, and Osaka School of Music where she studied contemporary music performance with Mutsuhito Murakami.

Momo is an active performer in Australia and Japan and collaborated on projects for BrisFest, Nara and in 2011 organised a massed benefit concert in Brisbane for the victims of the Tohoku Tsunami. She has played at Jungle Love Festival as part of an artists’ group, as well as various Japanese cultural events.

Momo has been an active singer all her life and has toured with, directed, accompanied and sung in choirs. Passionate about passing on Japan’s traditional culture to the next generation, Momo has spent many hours visiting elders in remote villages in South Nara learning Japanese folk tunes called warabeuta. She runs workshops teaching these to Japanese and western children throughout Australia. Momo currently teaches the piano and ukulele, melodica group classes, and Early Childhood Music Classes in Japanese. She also directs the Japanese Society Choir. Apart from her busy music work, She is a mum to a young boy and enjoys sustainability.