Group keyboard is the study of how to play the piano in a group setting. This contrasts with the more common individual/private lesson. Group piano lessons also expose students to a wider range of experiences through repertoire, performance opportunities, and ensemble playing. Students not only become familiar with their own repertoire, they have the opportunity to learn and think critically of the music being learned by their peers.

Jane’s passion for music began at a young age where she studied piano at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for Young Talents. She completed her Grade 8 ABRSM at the age of 12, and went on to take part in several piano competitions, concerts and music camps.

Graduating from King’s College London with B(Mus) Honours, she also studied piano performance under Patsy Toh from the Royal Academy of Music. Since then, she had been teaching piano and music for the past 10 years, passing on the passion to her students.